Think Local

Think Local


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What's it all about

Think Local  is an initiative of the South Dublin County Development Board which intends to create and develop community awareness of the advantages and benefits of supporting local business and community facilities.

THINK LOCAL promotes and helps sustain both economic and community vitality in South Dublin County.  The County Development Board believe that if the Community who live, work, study and do business in the County rallies around other local businesses, services and community facilities in the County everyone can benefit.

This initiative helps sustain existing jobs within the County and encourages the general community to be involved.

If you live or work in South Dublin County you can pledge your support for the project, switch 10% of your existing expenditure to goods and services provided in South Dublin County and visit and support your local community groups and facilities.

By making this 10% switch YOU can make a difference to your economy in South Dublin County.


Think Local  - Act Local -  Be Local

Think Local
South Dublin County Development Board
County Hall, Tallaght, Dublin 24

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